Jacksonville’s condo market is hot. Many who were waiting on the sidelines are jumping at the chance to score a smart investment while the time is right. If you’ve found this page, you’ve already started researching condos for sale in Jacksonville FL. You want reliable information and you want it now, and if you decide to purchase you’ll want to know that you’re getting your information from the right source and that you’re making the right decision.
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Tapestry Park Condominiums

condos for sale jacksonville fl - tapestry

$200,000 to $300,000
“Urban Upscale”
Year Built 2008
Centered in brand new upscale shopping district
Total annual dues: ~$4,000



Deerwood Place Condominiums

condos for sale jacksonville fl

$130,000 to $190,000
Interior access & elevators, like hotel
Gated, pool & amenities
Walk to shops, Tinseltown theater
Total annual dues: ~$5,000



Ironwood Townhomes

condos for sale jacksonville fl - ironwood

$130,000 to $190,000
Year Built 2005-2006
Two-story with screened patio, garage
Gate Pkwy West, near JTB
Total annual dues: ~$2,000


Montreux at Deerwood Condominiums

condos for sale jacksonville fl - montreux

$70,000 to $100,000
Year Built 2005
Gated, two pools, indoor basketball, theater, gym
Walk to Publix, restaurants, and Tinseltown complex!
Total annual dues: ~$4,000



Windsor Falls Condominiums

windsor falls condos for sale jacksonville fl








$60,000 to $115,000
Year Built 2006-2009
Gated with community pool and amenities
Close to JTB and I-95 on-ramps
Total annual dues: ~$2,000



Sail Cove Condominiums

condos for sale jacksonville fl - sail cove

$70,000 to $90,000
Year Built 1990’s
Highly competitive!
Gate Pkwy, near Town Center
Total annual dues: ~$3,000


Belle Rive Condominiums

condos for sale jacksonville fl - belle rive new

$30,000 to $90,000
Year Built from 1980’s to 2006
Prepare for competitive offers!
Near Avenues Mall
Total annual dues: ~$4,000


Jacksonville Beach Condominiums (Oceanfront)

jacksonville beach condos for sale








Mid-100’s to $2 Million
Year Built from 1980’s to 2006
Prepare for competitive offers!
Jacksonville Beach
Total annual dues: ~$4,000

Why These Condos?

You’ll understand more when you start here to avoid common mistakes buyers make when looking at condos for sale in Jacksonville FL.

We’ve found that starting here has helped our buyers

  • SAVE time
  • EASE the decision-making process
  • ENJOY the best buying experience and satisfaction after purchase.

(Of course if you have specific goals in mind, you can ask us directly for personalized advice.)

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What Makes “Condos for Sale Jacksonville FL” Different From Other Real Estate Sites, and Why It’s Vital to Your Condo Purchase

Searching for Jacksonville condos online has never been easier! Kudos to you, for doing your own research and for taking the first step toward making a great decision. But just as it is easy to find information on the internet, it’s equally easy to publish it. Anyone can put up a blog post, article, or press release. How do you know who to trust??

  • We believe consumers are smart, that every condo purchase is a very important decision, and that buyers can and should make their own decisions when provided with quality information. So that’s our motive: to be your go-to source for the most recent, accurate, and valuable information about condos for sale in Jacksonville FL.
  • Over the past seven years we’ve closed more than $10 million in Jacksonville property sales. But more importantly for you is the fact that we retain most of our customers for repeat purchases by them, their families, and their friends because they view us as their trusted advisor. Think you can trust information from someone who is actively engaged in Jacksonville condo transactions every day?
  • On the other hand, we are also familiar with the most predictable problems that can complicate a sale, and we’re well-prepared to prevent, address, and solve issues before they become just that—issues.
  • Our purpose for creating this “Condos for Sale Jacksonville FL” web site is to educate and inform consumers, enabling them to select and win bids on the best condos in Jacksonville. Visitors can review pros and cons of purchasing a condo with a realtor or alone, and feel free to make the best decision for their situation. We offer free resources because we want condo buyers to know what to expect, how to prepare for the closing process, and how to formulate the best strategy for winning bids. Whether you are an investor looking to expand your investment portfolio or you’re a first-time home buyer purchasing your first condo, you’re in the right place!
  • Throughout this site you will learn valuable research and pricing techniques, pick up free downloads, watch videos loaded with tips and training, and even listen to audio interviews … all free to you  just for stopping by!



What can Chad & Sandy’s “Condos for Sale Jacksonville FL” site do for you?

Well, if this is your first time meeting us online, I hope you’ll spend some time looking through our pages to learn more about us. You’ll notice right away that we have a different approach from other real estate firms. We share valuable information for free, whether or not you decide to work with us.

Why? Because we’re not afraid to compete for your business!

Here’s the truth: condo buyers have access to much of the same properties for sale that real estate agents do. They can search condos freely, set up their own email alerts, even bid on properties.

On this site, however, you will get more than addresses and MLS numbers. You’ll get the analysis, personal insight and honest recommendations from real people, active real estate agents who are actively engaged in the sale of Jacksonville FL condos.

We’ve been in the game for a while and we know how things work. We’ll teach you proven strategies that get results. All this to protect you from a poor decision or experience.


What is “Condos ForSaleJacksonvilleFL.com” and is it REALLY any use to you?

Here’s the reason you need to use this site.
Purchasing real estate is a big decision. And making the right choice is a challenge.

Think long-term relationship, huge impact. A single purchase you make today could impact you financially and emotionally for years and years to come. You need a condo. You’ve got a limited amount of funds and a lot of concerns like …


I don’t know where to start.

I don’t know what to look for.

I don’t have time to sort through hundreds of condos.

I don’t know what my closing costs and carrying costs will be.

And, especially, I don’t know how much to offer.


We knew this one couple who lived out of state, in the chilly north (as so many of our buyers do!) They had been searching online for months, scanning and sorting hundreds of properties every day. They were both retired, had just sold their house, and were anxious to settle down in the Sunshine State. Since they didn’t know anyone in Florida, they were very frustrated because they couldn’t get their questions answered.


Nobody was calling them back.

They didn’t know who to trust.

Couldn’t tell good neighborhoods from bad ones.

Felt helpless being so far away.

Wasted travel back and forth.


In fact, local residents face many of the same challenges. Jacksonville is huge and very diverse. Most of our local buyers lead busy lives with little time to devote to such an important decision. They try to do things on their own for a while, maybe even meet realtors to look at houses. But their complaints are often the same.


Felt like they were being taken advantage of.

Thought they’d get a better deal without realtor representation.

Frustrated that the homes they found online were already sold.

Worried they didn’t offer enough to win.

Scared of paying too much.


Sometimes they share their real estate “horror stories” with us. Many have already worked with another agent or tried things on their own. Some even lost hundreds of dollars on previous offers that fell through or made poor decisions they later regretted.


What’s my point?


Purchasing a Jacksonville condo can be frustrating and even a little scary.

But the challenges are almost always the same, and most are completely preventable.

To see my “How to Avoid Common Mistakes Buyers Make When Looking at Jacksonville FL Condos for Sale” click here now.


condos for sale jacksonvilel fl neumann realty corp

(Enter Neumann Realty Corp.)

What was once a frustrating and scary process, can now be a smooth and rewarding experience with Neumann Realty Corp.

It’s funny, Neumann Realty Corp. was actually born out of our own real estate “horror stories.” Yes, we were once on the other side of the table experiencing the same buyer (and seller) frustrations. We saw a better way to do real estate business and were determined to help others do the same.


How can I use this site to get my Jacksonville FL Condo today?

You’ve got several options. You can devour the information on this site, totally free, at no cost to you and with no commitment to us.  All of our years of experience, our free resources and the ability to basically “pick our brains” is available to you just by visiting this site.

You can read our articles, starting with the most common mistakes buyers make, and use the information to make your own decisions about buying a condo in Jacksonville FL. You can view the condos for sale (listed by community) on this page, and then use the recent comparable sales to help you choose an offer price.

Of course…

Use us as your agent for 100% FREE to you!!

(Buyers don’t pay realtor fees.)

That’s your other option.


Just hire us to do all the work…and don’t pay us a dime. 😉

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