How Much Are Taxes on My Jacksonville Condo?

Congratulations! You're in the right place, and I’m glad you found us because I’m excited to share why investing in Jacksonville real estate is a smart move for you, and how understanding your property taxes will help you make the most of your Jacksonville FL condo investment.



Jacksonville, FL is recommended as a top investment opportunity in the video:

  • Projected population growth of 50-100% in 10 years
  • Increased job growth from Jacksonville’s port
  • Demand for rental property expected to yield 10-12% return

Of course, these figures are to be considered estimates and opinions. Please be sure to include a tax professional and real estate attorney to your decision-making team.


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How to Calculate Property Taxes on Jacksonville FL Condos

The tax rate for most condos for sale in Jacksonville FL is 0.018.

So to estimate your annual taxes, simply multiply 0.018 by the taxable value of the condo. (You’ll find the taxable value of your Jacksonville condo on the Duval County Property Appraiser’s web site.) Or you can click the “tax info” tab when you are viewing a property listing on this web site or in MLS.


Note: Taxable value in Florida can be reduced by up to $50,000 if you live in your condo full-time and claim it as your primary residence. This is called a homestead exemption.


More information about taxes and homestead exemptions in Jacksonville FL can be found on the city’s property appraiser website here.




To View “Tax Info” for Jacksonville condos for sale on this site:


1) Click the button to view condos (opens new window)


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2) then, click the MLS number (to see details)


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3) …and click the “Tax Info” tab.


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4) Scroll down to view “value information”


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5) Multiply “taxable value” by “tax rate”


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Additional Property Tax Resources

Below are links to each of the local property appraiser web sites for the Greater Jacksonville area. Visit the property appraiser’s site to find the assessed value of your Jacksonville condo and the tax rate for your county.


Duval County Condos


St. Augustine or St. Johns County Condos


Orange Park or Clay County Condos


Fernandina or Nassau County Condos


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